Doc’s 2017 Top Ten Lists

Here are my favorite albums, films, television shows, and podcasts of 2017. As always, I wish I would have listened to more and watched more, and these lists are in no particular order. I have to admit that podcast listening has sincerely cut into my music time. A lot of stuff didn’t make my list, because I just haven’t gotten around to checking it out.

(Some of these lists go to 11)

Top Albums of 2017

Body Count – Bloodlust

Mastodon – Emperor of Sand

In Search of Sun – Virgin Funk Mother

Sons of Apollo – Psychotic Symphony

Darkest Hour – Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora

Kendrick Lamar – DAMN.

Zeal and Ardor – Devil Is Fine

Glassjaw – Material Control

Power Trip –  Nightmare Logic

Havok – Conformicide

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The Ex Man Podcast 35 – John Finberg (Booking Agent)

Doc talks about the death of Nevermore and Sanctuary vocalist, Warrel Dane, and gives a reading of his article featured on Doc also speaks with First Row Talent booking agent, John Finberg, about getting his start in Philadelphia as a ticket scalper, how he became a booking agent through concert promotion, his adventures working for and with multiple agents all over the country, the highs and lows of joining Bay Ridge Talent and booking bands like Machine Head, Napalm Death and Madball, discuss his infamous reputation and abrasive communication style, as well as hash out some of the issues they had when John booked God Forbid.

First Row Talent –
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The Ex Man Podcast 34 – Billy Graziedei (Biohazard, Powerflo, ex-Suicide City)

Doc speaks with guitarist, vocalist, and producer Billy Graziadei about how forming Biohazard helped him stay out of trouble in the streets, the band’s unique sound and genesis of blending hardcore, metal, and hip hop, how fame and substance abuse tore the band apart, leaving Biohazard and launching punk band Suicide City, the Biohazard reunion, and tells the story of how the supergroup Powerflo came together.

This episode features the song “Resistance” by Powerflo.

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The Ex Man Podcast 33 – Meytal Cohen (YouTube Star)

Doc talks with drummer and YouTube star, Meytal Cohen, about growing up and getting into heavy metal in Israel, her unique family life, her time in the Israeli Army, how she found her way to America, what the process of gaining such a massive online fanbase was like, the experience of making a record and touring with her band, Meytal, and her latest venture launching a Kickstarter campaign to make the next album.

This episode features the song “Out of Chaos” by Meytal.

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The Ex Man Podcast 32 – Peter Wichers (ex-Soilwork)

Doc talks with ex-Soilwork guitar player Peter Wichers about what made the Swedish metal scene in the 90s so special, how Soilwork’s career was built and cultivated an international following, the evolution of the band’s sound over the years, why he quit Soilwork the first time, his venture becoming a record producer, rejoining and leaving Soilwork the 2nd time to start a family and work for Fender, and his forthcoming music project with vocalist Howard Jones (Light The Torch, Killswitch Engage).

This episode features the song “Two Lives Worth Of Reckoning” by Soilwork.

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The Ex Man Podcast 31 – Art Cruz (Winds of Plague, Prong)

Doc gives his thoughts on the flurry of sexual misconduct scandals currently in the news, and speaks with the drummer of Winds of Plague and Prong, Art Cruz, about how Winds of Plague got their break, the rise of the deathcore scene, why he ultimately left the band, his time at G-Pen, how he joined Prong, the Winds of Plague reunion, his other life as a magician, and the launch of his new clothing brand Baselords.

This episode features the song “Never Alone” from the Winds of Plague album Blood of My Enemy.

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The Ex Man Podcast 30 – Chris “OJ” Ojeda (Byzantine)

Byzantine guitarist/vocalist, Chris “OJ” Ojeda, joins Doc to discuss how the band got their break, the naive mistakes they made in the early years, the struggle  they experienced balancing band life and home life, the band breakup and reunion, Byzantine’s new lease on life and record deal with Metal Blade, OJ’s vocal technique, and his account of the reality of life in West Virginia.

This episode features the song “Toast to the Ghost” by Bad Wolves and “Trapjaw” by Byzantine from their new album The Cicada Tree.

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Bad Wolves Announce New Label, Mgmt & Release New Song

I am so excited to announce this. My band BAD WOLVES has just announced that we have signed with powerhouse rock label, Eleven Seven Music, home to other artists such as Papa Roach, Five Finger Death Punch, Motley Crüe, and In Flames.

The band has also revealed that we have linked up with Zoltan Bathory, guitarist of Five Finger Death Punch as band manager. In a statement from Zoltan, “I knew these guys for many years from their previous bands so I knew they were all exceptional musicians, but when they formed BAD WOLVES and played me the first few songs, I thought, ‘Okay… there is fire here, this one has the magical combination.’ Hard work and persistence always outstrip talent, and these guys have both.”

Check out the lyric video above for the track “Toast to the Ghost”, featured on the band’s as yet untitled debut record, slated for release in early 2018. Expect a full slate of non-stop touring around the world next year beyond.

The Ex Man Podcast 29 – NBA Talk w/ Derek James (ESPN1500 Timberwolves Analyst, Hardwood Paroxysm)

Doc speaks with ESPN1500 Minnesota Timberwolves Analyst and Hardwood Paroxysm writer, Derek James, about how he became a basketball journalist, the evolution of new media, the connection between hoops and heavy music, question whether the dominance of the Golden State Warriors is good for the NBA, how the Cavs and Celtics will fair after the Kyrie Irving trade, the upcoming T-Wolves season, and re-litigate Russell Westbrook’s MVP campaign.

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