Hello. My name is Doc Coyle. Welcome to my website, blog, and hub for all of my output and interests. I am most well known for playing guitar with the metal band, God Forbid, for most of my adult life. As much as I loved playing guitar in a metal band, I am also interested in multitude other things, and am constantly working on new projects. So, I created this site to display my writing, introduce any news concerning my music, as well as a launching point for any new endeavors I’m working on, of which there are many. A one stop shop for all things concerning my self-involved ass. Thanks for stopping by and don’t hesitate to write me an email or ask a question.

Your humble proprietor,                                                                                                                       Doc Coyle

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    1. Hey Mike,
      The podcast is still the planning stages. Hopefully I can have it up in running by the end of June. It will be discussions with people involved in the music scene/business. To start at least.

      GF isn’t done. We’re just taking a break to get our personal lives in order. We should be doing some stuff soon. Be on the lookout.

  1. Hey Doc!

    I really enjoyed your piece about the 15 metal bands people should be listening to in 2015! I am reaching out to you because my band “Cavalcade” recently debuted with a single release and a cover of Drag Me Down by One Direction. We do believe we did a great job with the video and song itself. We recently moved to Los Angeles from the Midwest to pursue our dreams in music! If you’d find our story and content suitable for your writings then I would love to give you more information about ourselves!
    Thank you for your time!
    Scott Wesson

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